Consultation / Counselling

We provide Consultation for Regular, Prakruti, Diet, Life-style Disorders, Gynaec, Pregnancy problems, etc.We provide Counselling in Pre and Post Marital stages, and for Student and Adolescent.


This is a set of various procedures used to cleanse the body of toxic materials left by disease, poor nutrition and improper life - style. It consists of more than a dozen of procedures and each one is selected after evaluation of the patient and disease .


Rasayana is a special type of treatment containing various methods of rejuvenation. It derives from root words 'Rasa' and 'Ayana.' The literal meaning of Rasa is the essential juices i.e the body fluids. Ayana means the pathway used to perform a specific function in the body i.e the channels of body fluids. Hence Rasayana primarily improves the body fluids, tissues, and the channels. Bhasmas ( calcinated powders ) of Precious stones ( Ratna ) and Precious metals like Gold, Silver as well as Rasayana herbs are used in this Treatment.


Kshara - Karma is a kind of special medication described in Ayurveda texts. The Treatment consists of herbs and minerals having caustic properties and is used to melt away or cut the unwanted body tissues. Kshara is derived from the root Kshar means to melt away or to perish. Currently the most well - known Treatment in this category consists of Kshara - Sutra ( Medicated Seton ) famously used for Piles and Fistula.


This Treatment is done by applying heat / fire source at the specified disease area, either to reduce pain or to cauterise / burn the unhealthy tissues at skin levels. Herbal sticks, Metal rods, Earthen objects, Seeds of various plants are used in this Treatment. Heated ghee, oils, honey and wax are also used in patients of delicate constitution.

Ayurveda Medicines

Ayurvedic Medicinal Treatment ( also called Kaya - Chikitsa ) is one of the world’s most oldest and time tested medical systems. It has originated in India from more than 5,000 years ago and remains the backbone of the country’s traditional health care systems. The Medicines used in Treatments are Herbs, Minerals, Metals and Faunal parts like Conch, Shell etc. Diets are one of the essential ingredient of Ayurvedic Treatment.

Ayurvedic Treatment is a form of holistic therapy and when properly used is known to be safe for all age groups and all stages of human life.

Healthcare Programmes

Person and Disease specific regimes as a part of Preventive Medicine for promoting Health. These are undertaken in people with high risk of Life - Style Disorders like Obesity, Diabetes, Hyper - Lipidaemia ( Raised Cholesterol and Triglycerides in blood ), Cardiac ( Heart ) problems, High Blood Pressure, Stress etc.

Ayurvedic Health Care Management of Pregnant Women and Post Delivery condition are alsos offered.

Healthy Child Programme, Ayurvedic Immunisation and Suvarna - Prashan Programme are conducted to give Health benefits to Children.

Indoor Admission with Ayurvedic Diet

Patients with severe disability like in Paralysis and Extensive joint involvement are admitted.

Persons / Patients undergoing major Panchkarma procedures like Vaman, Virechan are also admitted and the procedures are done under supervision.

Patients who cannot visit hospital daily for Panchkarma procedures are admitted on O.P.D basis , if possible.

Admitted patients are provided Ayurvedic diet according to their Constitution and disease.